About the Author

I'm just another lad fascinated by the written word. I like reading pretty much anything interesting, but biased towards fiction, better still literary fiction, and if that literary fiction is African, even better.

I created this blog in June 2013, alarmed at my self-discovery that the imperatives of career had stunted my love for literary fiction as well as my incoherent ramblings that I (mis)took for writing.

The main focus of this blog is therefore literary fiction, much of it reviews of books and other literary works I have read. However, I may from time to time also post fictional short stories, poetry, personal reflections, and movie reviews.

Join me on this well beaten path of reading and writing and let’s journey together, through its slopes and valleys, across creative streams, under starry skies and sky blues and dark clouds, urged on by sweet songs of the birds, and breezed on by dusky winds carrying stories from characters alive in our imaginations, into horizon’s delight.

Happy reading folks.


  1. Nice to travel along with another fan of literary fiction.

    1. It's great indeed, thanks for dropping by Bob.