Friday, April 3, 2015

In the Midst of Early Spring

In the midst of early spring,
Of less rain and more sun,
And bright beams of new fun,
Fervently he hopes it's not a fling,
Short as summer's gay and joy,
With its blushes and smiles coy.

He relishes the fresh gush of spring air
Rushing down his eager chest
Heaved high up to catch it best,
The relief almost too sweet to bear:
Perhaps the wait is over now,
And no more can he wipe his brow?

The promise of summer is nigh,
But summer comes and goes,
And maybe this will too, who knows?
Yet from his depths escapes a sigh:
May the summer she brings be long
And full of coy and blush and sweet song.

For he sees the summer in her eyes and smile -
Bright and sweet as the spring bloom of flower -
That bring upon him many a fine hour
And a deeply ponderous sigh once in a while;
He sees it in her spirit pure and free
That inspires his upon God to make a new plea.

He now sings the song in his heart
That a promise and a poignant hope come true,
Of a lifelong happy summer for two,
To make the journey and never part:
This he sings as a smitten songbird would sing
In the midst of early spring.

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